Install Leopard 10.5.8 in HP Pavilion dv2000

First, I know, Snow Leopard is out there. The reason I installed Leopard is that my HP laptop has Windows XP on it and SL is not so compatible with Windows XP. A lot of tweaks needed to make a XP/SL dual boot system. So.. I decided to go for XP/Leopard.

1. I downloaded iPC PF5. It has Leopard 10.5.6 with it.

Drivers installed:

Video  -> Intel GM950 (I had an Intel GM945 card)

Audio -> Conexant HD audio

Network -> Intel Pro VE 100

Keyboard -> PS keyboard fix

I disabled SATA native support, so none of the SATA driver is installed.

It takes about 15 mins to install Leopard. Then reboot. Everything works great.

2. Upgrade to 10.5.8.

Since iPC comes with 10.5.6, I need to upgrade to 10.5.8. I used the System updater and grabbed the updates from Apple. After upgrade, it gives me blue screen. So I guess the video driver is messed up during the upgrade. Then I inserted the iPC disk. Go to the customization step. Uncheck the base system and check the drivers all again. In this way, only the drivers are installed. Then reboot.

It gives me the desktop again. However, I noticed that the network driver and audio driver is not working now. The upgrade screwed the drivers up.  So I have to fix them manually.

4. Fix for Intel Pro VE 100 driver.

Follow the instruction in

Follow the instruction by wtcnbrwndo4u and wtcnbrwndo4u. I added 0x10928086 into the info.plist. Then reboot. The network comes back. 😛

Do the following to avoid Intel 82257 self test invalid error which will cause kernel panic every time it restarts.

sudo -s
nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

then I added -f under the kernal flags section

then ctrl+x
then y
then enter

4. Fix the Conexant.kext

Follow the instructions here.

I deleted the AppleHDA.kext in /System/Library/Extension/ and then use the legacyConexant.kext file provided by jinnggoff

Reboot, the audio come back too.

5. The built-in wireless card is not working at all. It is a Intel 3945 BGN. So I bought a Zydas 1211 USB wireless card. Using Zydas 1211 wireless driver. Then I have wirless now. 🙂

A working hackintosh leopard 10.5.8 is now here.


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